Manufactured with the highest German Standards to obtain the best cutting performance of an industrial quality saw blade! Our saw blades offer the following:

  • Laser cut plates
  • Laser cut expansion slots
  • Premium quality steel hardened and annealed
  • Carefully tensioned by a computer controlled system
  • The finest select micro grade carbide
  • Perfect cutting edge and precision sharpening

Below is a listing of the saw blades we carry. For more information or to request pricing, please call 716-488-0741 or contact us via email.

  • Carbide Router Tooling
  • Custom Profile Tooling
  • Double Face Laminate Saw Blades
  • Double Face Melamine & Solid Surface Saw Blades
  • General Purpose Saw Blades
  • Glue Line Ripsaw Blades
  • Heavy Duty Rip Saw Blades
  • Hollow-Face Saw Blades
  • Mitre Saw Blades
  • Moulder Tooling
  • Nail Saw Blades
  • Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting Saw Blades
  • Panel and Conical Scoring Saw Blades
  • Rip Saw Anti-Kickback Blades
  • Rip Saw Blades
  • Special Cut-Off Saw Blades
  • Split Scoring Saw Blades
  • Steel Cutting Saw Blades
  • Thin Kerf Blades